The most affordable audio content management system for the most lifelike-sounding text-to-speech.



  • up to 100.000 page impressions
  • 1 User
  • 1 Project
  • Embedded Web Player
  • Advanced Audio Analytics
  • Global Dictionary
  • Custom Dictionary
  • Limited Support


  • up to 1.000.000 page impressions
  • 3 Users
  • 1 Project
  • Embedded Web Player
  • Advanced Audio Analytics
  • Global Dictionary
  • Custom Dictionary
  • Quality Assurance Suite
  • Audio Automation Rules
  • Weekly Analytics Reports
  • User Management System
  • Limited Support
  • Additional Premium Features

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  • over 1.000.000 page impressions
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • All of the above
  • SLA

Additional variable costs based on usage: TTS costs (€18/million characters), CDN costs (€0.00006/play)

Audio Content Management System

Embedded Web Player

With one line of code, you can integrate our GDPR-compliant web player into your website template.

Automated Podcast Creation

Create and publish a podcast out of audio files you generated with text-to-speech. Use BotTalk creative templates to insert intro and outro jingles, section separators, chapters, etc.

Advanced Audio Analytics

Track views, listens, conversions from reader to listener, listening length, listener engagement, most popular articles, free-to-subscriber conversions.

Global Dictionary

Get access to more than 20.000 words that BotTalk corrected for you in our global dictionary: personal names, special terms, local vocabulary.

Local Dictionary

Add your corrections to make your audio articles sound even more natural in your field of knowledge or your language.

Quality Assurance Suite

Provide a consistent and measurable audio quality on the scale. Quality Assurance Suite will help you identify and fix errors using machine learning and audio analysis.

Audio Automation Rules

Automate your text-to-speech process by applying audio rules: audify a particular type of content with a specific voice, exclude articles from audification based on selected criteria, create creative audio workflows.

Weekly Analytics Reports

Keep an eye on the text-to-speech performance metrics directly from your mailbox: unique users who have seen the player, users that started playback reader-listener conversion, percentage of users that listen to more than 60 seconds, free-premium conversion, etc.

User Management System

Invite your colleagues to collaborate, give them different roles, invite them to your project. BotTalk will take care of the invitation emails, roles management, and consistency.

Additional Premium Features

Additional CMS Users

Collaboration is the key in every audio project. You can add or delete users from your organization at any time.


Playlist Player

Provide your readers with the most relevant and popular content. Playlist Player will automatically create Top-5 articles based on the daily, weekly, or monthly statistics.


Paywall Integration

Use audio as an additional selling point to help grow your subscription business. BotTalk can be integrated seamlessly with every paywall system.


Audio Advertising

Monetize your audio editions with an audio advertising preroll. BotTalk is a strategic partner with the leading audio advertisers. You can start monetizing your audio content with a single click.

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Premium Support

You will get personal support from our team of audio experts with bi-weekly video calls. We'll make sure that audio fits into your overall business strategy and develop the roadmap together.


Asked Questions

What are the TTS costs?

TTS costs depend on the amount of content you're planning to convert into audio. BotTalk provides a premium text-to-speech quality for the total price of €18/million characters.

What are the hosting costs?

The hosting of your audio is included in the price. You will be able to download the audio files 30 days after their creation.

What are the CDN costs?

CDN costs depend on your website traffic. BotTalk serves your audio files with the fast and reliable CDN provided by AWS or Google for the average price of €0.00006 per play.

How will I be billed?

You will see two positions on your monthly bill: the fixed costs according to your subscription level and variable charges depending on your usage of TTS and CDN.