About us

Bringing startup management, linguistics and tech together.

Our mission: giving quality journalism a voice.

BotTalk was founded by people with different backgrounds: startup management, linguistics and tech. Sophia Boysen (Product Manager), has a masters degree in startup management and brings her own enterpreneurial background. Igor Pechenikin (CTO) has brought 20 years of experience in architecting and developing maintainable software, with the strong focus on machine learning. Dr. Andrey Esaulov (CEO) has been active academically in the field of linguistics and after that has spent 6,5 years as department head at the publishing house Axel Springer.

Meet the team

These people are the main reason BotTalk Text-to-Speech sounds so good.

Dr. Andrey Esaulov - BotTalk CEO

Dr. Andrey Esaulov

Sophia Boyesen - BotTalk Product Manager

Sophia Boysen

Product Manager
Igor Pechenikin- BotTalk CTO

Igor Pechenikin

Alexandra Böttger - BotTalk Social Media

Alexandra Böttger

Social Media
Daniil Vidanov - BotTalk UX/UI

Daniil Vidanov

Yuri Chopey - BotTalk Frontend Engineer

Yuri Chopey