BotTalk among top ten startups shortlisted for CONTENTshift-Accelerator 2021

BotTalk among top ten startups shortlisted for CONTENTshift-Accelerator 2021

A total of 44 start-ups from ten countries applied for this year's sponsorship program by Börsenverein Group.

BotTalk is among the ten start-ups shortlisted to pitch in front of CONTENTshift jury on 23 June.

Top Ten

•   BotTalk is a text-to-speech software platform which converts text content to audio at the click of a button.

•   Buuk measures the findability of books in a bookstore – both in an online shop or in a local store – and recommends actions to increase sales.

•   Chaperone is a social reading app which allows users to leave voice messages in books for other readers.

•   DayOff provides a digital solution for sustainable and playful soft skill training in a microlearning format for staff.

•   dot on offers products that can be stuck with adhesive dots and combined with augmented reality elements. The aim is to convey learning content haptically, visually and auditorily.

•   INNOLIBRO offers APPBOOKs, a new media format that is designed to provide an interactive, conversational and constantly updatable reading experience.

•   Newsadoo bundles different newspapers and sources in one app with the help of AI. The "Topics" function allows content to be sorted by topic and enriched with content from the region and from social media.

•   READ-O is an app that uses AI to filter books by mood, writing style and quality to generate reading recommendations.

• aims to teach literature and promote reading skills with a digital teaching package for various children's or young adults' books - with interactive e-learning videos, tasks for pupils and digital encounters between authors and pupils.

•   talking hands revives the old flip book concept in a new and colourful way enabling children to learn sign language in a playful fashion.


This year's jury pannel includes: Detlef Büttner (Lehmanns Media Specialist Bookstore), Dr. Leif Göritz (Thalia Bookstore), Olaf Carstens (Cornelsen Publishing House), Dr. Stephan Dietrich (Junfermann Publishing House), Sabine Haag (Wiley-VCH Publishing House), Ronald Schild (MVB), Karin Schmidt-Friderichs (Börsenverein) as well as Deepa Gautam-Nigge (SAP Next-Gen Innovation Network) as a partner of the programme from outside the industry.

About the Börsenverein Group

The Börsenverein group is an advocacy group and central service provider for the German book industry. The group consists of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels and its business subsidiaries, the Frankfurt Book Fair, MVB, Mediacampus Frankfurt and the Holding Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels Beteiligungsgesellschaft. From interest representation and cultural projects to fair organisation, training and further education, publishing and technology services, the group bundles services and educational opportunities for the book and media industry.