BotTalk shares its innovation success story - taking part in the OMR Masterclass “From idea to successful product: Media Startups take the fast lane.

Innovator’s journey of BotTalk

There are three stages for media innovators in Hamburg.

The first one is the incubation phase, where creative minds come up with an idea and apply to the Media Lift Inkubator.

The second step is the next media accelerator (NMA). If that idea has matured into a product, the startup can join the NMA.

Last but not least is the integration into dpa (German press agency). If the product proves to run smoothly, the startup can start partnering with Media Houses and agencies - for instance, with dpa.

A perfect use case - BotTalk

With a seamless transition from stage to stage Dr. Andrey Esaulov, founder of the text-to-speech startup BotTalk serves as our prime example.

He started out with just an idea when he joined the Media Lift Inkubator in 2019.

BotTalk gained so much momentum that the team could jump right into the next adventure with the next media accelerator.

Andrey and his team completed both programs in parallel while connecting with valuable contacts within the media industry.

As a result, BotTalk was included in what we call “easy testing” case with the dpa.

Easy testing gives the media house or an agency a chance to test the startup’s product and provides valuable feedback. Together they take the product to the next level.

The cooperation went well, and the NMA and Media Lift graduate BotTalk got included in the new dpa ID service – a new market place that offers easy access to various services.