New Release - Sakura - IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure

New Release - Sakura - IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure

BotTalk's product team has just finished another development sprint - code-named 🌸 Sakura.

BotTalk now supports two additional Text-to-Speech (TTS) providers: IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure.

Best Speech Quality on the Market with BotTalk

Text-to-Speech technology is developing very quickly. Major tech companies are competing with each other - producing even better language models.

BotTalk clients always benefit from these developments. They get the latest updates from Google Wavenet, Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, or Microsoft Azure. But on top of that - the corrections through linguistic rules provided by BotTalk dictionaries.

Here is a quick sample in German - Katja's Voice by Microsoft Azure in BotTalk:

Our publishers now have even more choices regarding the voices they want their audio articles to be in. IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure are now available as TTS providers in BotTalk project settings.

BotTalk project settings now include IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure as TTS providers.

BotTalk Killer Feature - Global Dictionaries

BotTalk Dictionaries is one of the reasons why BotTalk speech quality is the best on the market.

Every single publisher on our platform can directly benefit from error corrections.

Of course, those corrections are available for the new voices as well.

Error corrections made by BotTalk in Microsoft Azure TTS

Since quality is essential in publishing, BotTalk provides the best possible solution for audio generated with Text-to-Speech technology.

Our publishers not only get the latest quality improvements in language models provided by Microsoft Azure or IBM Watson - but also BotTalk will correct possible errors those TTS providers still make.

This combination of language model quality boost and linguistic rules results in something unique on the market.

Team Effort

Every great feature we're introducing would not have been possible without the effort of our team members.

Thank you, Kirill, Vsevold, Rebecca, Daniil, Nastassja and Pavel, for successfully finishing this fantastic sprint.

It's the best version of BotTalk we've ever shipped.

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash