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Lifelike Text to Speech for Publishers

Automated Audio Articles

BotTalk audio button in every news article helps publishers to:

  • Increase user engagement
  • Retrace fly-bys to loyal users
  • Create new touchpoints in the user journey
  • Cover growing demand for audio content

100.000 users listen to the audio articles created by BotTalk every day

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Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung
Augsburger Allgemeine

10% of readers decide to listen to the audio article

Can Text-to-Speech turn fly-bys into loyal users?

75% of users listen to more than half of the article

How high is the Engagement of Text-to-Speech Articles?

Reach your users where you couldn’t before

How to create new touchpoints in the user journey?

BotTalk for Publishers.

Conventional text-to-speech solutions are designed to be generic. BotTalk focuses on one specific genre of text: news articles. This is why the audio BotTalk produces sounds so incredibly close to a newscaster voice you are used to hear on the radio.

With our One Line Seamless Integration you can set up BotTalk for your website in minutes

BotTalk automatically converts any/every news article into most natural sounding native audio. In 26 languages and 73 different voices.

Why Audio?

In the age of information overload your readers are struggling - they don’t have the luxury to sit down and read the full article. No matter how good it’s been written. Which results in unread newsletters, skimmed pages and forgotten bookmarks. Leaving you, the publisher, with falling engagement numbers.

Learn with BotTalk

User Engagement

60% of users listen till the end of the article! Audio is much more engaging than text.

New Revenue

By adding audio dimension to your website you expand the opportunities to monetize your content.

Churn Prevention

Make audio available for your premium subscribes and reduce churn.

Audio Strategy

BotTalk offers the lowest entry barrier to the world of audio.

Listener engagement

Humanlike sounding audio versions of your articles produced by BotTalk help to engage your audience, reduce churn and increase the on-site time spend.

readers convert into listeners

listeners decide to purchase a subscription

are listening till the end of the article

Audio Products Family

BotTalk products are designed to fit your individual needs, whether you just started your audio strategy or want to enhance your offering, to make it more accessible to the users.

Audio Player

You can put the player on your website or in your app with just one line of code. BotTalk’s Audio Player is highly customizable and will integrate seamlessly with your brand’s look and feel.


BotTalk Podcast creates a podcast feed from the most popular stories from your website and automatically distributes them on all platforms, like iTunes, Spotify or Deezer.

Alexa Flash Briefing

Include your top stories into the news briefing a user hears after saying “Alexa, what’s new today?”

Alexa Skills and Google Actions

Giving your users access to your audio content on smart speakers is done with one click.

BotTalk Platform

Our powerful and intuitive Self-Service-Platform allows you to create audio editions from any source you want, by connecting your RSS, API or just manually adding content.

Customized Dashboard

Within the Dashboard you have the full control: See what articles are being converted in real time, take a listen, edit the content or remove the articles.

Audio Engagement Reports

Understand how, when and for how long your users consume your audio content. Learn more about the users’ behaviour and what audio channels work best for you.

BotTalk Tutorials
BotTalk is the only solution on the text-to-speech market, that was specially designed for news content.
Our one line of code is a small iframe that you can integrate into any website easily. BotTalk will then parse the articles and produce audio editions on the fly. No further technical integrations needed from your side.
BotTalk Audio Player caches the audio edition. Meaning, the first listener will experience a short buffering (1-2 seconds). The rest will start the playback instantly.
Yes, you can integrate BotTalk Audio Player on your desktop and mobile website.
We use Google’s Wavenet and Amazon’s Polly as TTS engines but put our special secret sauce on top of them, so our audio sounds incredibly close to a human narrator.
You can change the look and feel of the audio player to fit your brand. Moreover, with 73 in 26 languages you can create a unique audio experience for your brand.
Our player automatically identifies headline, body or captions and only converts the relevant information to guarantee an optimum audio experience.
We frequently provide you with standardized audio reports to monitor your activities. A customized dashboard gives you access and in-depths insights anytime (available on Ultimate Package).
Our dashboard includes a multitude of measurements to give you full visibility. But we are open to any additional metrics and accept most of them. For example, you can fully track the conversion of your free users into premium users.