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Engage your readers with audio articles

  • Low user engagement?
  • Canceled subscriptions?
  • Diminishing advertising revenues?

Sounds familiar? Audio is the solution!

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Low user engagement?

Your readers are distracted

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter - these companies invest millions of dollars into algorithms that keep users on their platforms.

Audio allows your users to consume your articles while being distracted.

Over 75% of users listen to the articles generated by BotTalk till the end.

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Canceled subscriptions?

Subscription fatigue is a known phenomenon in the digital publishing business.

It's just like a gym - if you have a membership but don't go there - you will cancel sooner or later.

Audio solves this problem by allowing your subscribers to listen to the articles they don't have time to read.

Falling advertising revenues?

Audio advertising is booming

Banner blindness leads to lower advertising revenues.

Audio advertising has a much more attractive CPM.

Turning your articles into audio creates a whole new revenue stream.

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🎧 BotTalk creates audio articles for the leading news publishers

Hamburger Abendblatt
Sunday World
Deutsche Presse-Agentur
Hamburger Morgenpost
Berliner Morgenpost
NNN Online
Bild der Frau
Ostthüringer Zeitung
DK Online
Braunschweiger Zeitung
IKZ Online
Westfälische Rundschau
Peiner Nachrichten
Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung
Salzgitter Zeitung
Harz Kurier
Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag
Thüringer Allgemeine
Aachener Zeitung
Schweriner Volkszeitung
Wolfsburger Nachrichten
VRM Medien
Thüringische Landeszeitung

Publisher Case Studies

Our Clients

Jana Suilmann - BotTalk Customer

Jana Suilmann

Head of Audio bei FUNKE

BotTalk enabled us to gain important experience in the field of TTS and to generate strategic insights into the use of the technology in the dedicated application fields. We implemented BotTalk successfully on 20 websites.

Meinolf Ellers - BotTalk Customer

Meinolf Ellers

CEO, dpa-digital services GmbH

The perfect career for a media startup: the audio experts at @bottalk_de started in #medialift Incubator of @NextMediaHH, were then in the @NMA_vc promoted and now can reach many German news publishers beeing an official partner at the @dpa_unternehmen marketplace. Great success story!

Patrick Körting - BotTalk Customer

Patrick Körting

Head of Audio, NOZ Digital

BotTalk has a focus to become the best Text-to-Speech provider for publishers. We at NOZ have looked at other solutions. But what became clear to us: BotTalk's quality of speech is just ahead of everything out there.

Field Guides

[Docs] How to Create BotTalk Account, Organization, and Invite Co-Workers

In this guide, you will learn how to get started with BotTalk Audio Platform quickly: create a BotTalk account, organization, invite co-workers and start collaborating.

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[Docs] How to Create and Configure Text-to-Speech Projects

[Docs] How to Create and Configure Text-to-Speech Projects

This guide will teach you how to leverage all the great text-to-speech features specially designed to fit publishers'; needs: voice selection, RSS, API, Paywall, Audio advertising, etc.

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[Docs] How to Create and Configure Text-to-Speech Projects

[Docs] How to Publish Audio Articles with Native Web Player

In this guide you will learn how to embed text-to-speech audio into your website. What is a native web player? How to match your website design? GDPR compliance and cookies consent management.

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