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Whether you're a creator in the realms of creativity, corporate ventures, or entertainment, BotTalk offers the perfect voice for you.


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Real human voices

Discover the exceptional authenticity and quality of BotTalk AI voices that are so convincingly human, you'll leave others amazed they're not real.

World's most extensive voice library

BotTalk offers over 800 voices encompassing diverse styles, empowering you to craft flawless content for any purpose.

120+ languages

Empower your content to reach a broader, global audience by selecting from our library of 120+ diverse voices from around the world.

Linguistic Rules

Get access to more than 250.000 words that BotTalk corrected for you in our global dictionary: personal names, special terms, local vocabulary.

Simple UI

BotTalk Studio is an all-inclusive software, packed with features, designed to provide you with everything necessary to create video content from the ground up.

Enterpise Quality

Back in 2019, BotTalk was born, assisting prominent publishers worldwide in transforming their articles into captivating audio. Now, the same enterprise-level power is within your reach, available for all customers.

Our Clients

Jana Suilmann - BotTalk Customer

Jana Suilmann

Head of Audio bei FUNKE

BotTalk enabled us to gain important experience in the field of TTS and to generate strategic insights into the use of the technology in the dedicated application fields. We implemented BotTalk successfully on 20 websites.

Meinolf Ellers - BotTalk Customer

Meinolf Ellers

CEO, dpa-digital services GmbH

The perfect career for a media startup: the audio experts at @bottalk_de started in #medialift Incubator of @NextMediaHH, were then in the @NMA_vc promoted and now can reach many German news publishers beeing an official partner at the @dpa_unternehmen marketplace. Great success story!

Patrick Körting - BotTalk Customer

Patrick Körting

Head of Audio, NOZ Digital

BotTalk has a focus to become the best Text-to-Speech provider for publishers. We at NOZ have looked at other solutions. But what became clear to us: BotTalk's quality of speech is just ahead of everything out there.

BotTalk Blog

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Asked Questions

Can I try BotTalk for free?

Absolutely! Take advantage of our complimentary trial, providing 60 minutes of voice generation time. Utilize this opportunity to explore the BotTalk Audio Studio, access premium features, and test out all our AI voices.

Do you have free voices to download?

Yes, BotTalk voices can be downloaded with any plan.

What languages does BotTalk support?

BotTalk boasts support for an impressive array of over 120 languages, encompassing English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Romanian, Turkish, Indonesian, and Scottish, among others.

Can I use BotTalk to record my voice over?

Regrettably, BotTalk currently lacks a voice recording feature. Nonetheless, you have the opportunity to clone your very own voice using BotTalk Voice Cloning Studio.

How does BotTalk calculate voice generation time?

Voice generation time is determined by adding up the lengths of the generated speech for each sentence. It is used whenever you render a newly created sentence or modify the text in an existing sentence. Importantly, BotTalk does not charge you for sentences that remain unchanged. This cost-saving feature ensures you only pay for the actual voice generation you require!

Can I buy a plan for one month?

Certainly! We provide convenient monthly plans that automatically renew. Should you wish to discontinue the subscription, you can cancel it before the billing date to ensure it concludes as desired.

What are the advantages of using an AI voice generator over hiring voice artists?

By employing AI voice generators, you streamline the voiceover creation process, attaining full control over the transformation of your home recordings or scripts into polished, professional-sounding voiceovers. AI text to speech not only saves time and costs but also maintains the exceptional quality of your voiceovers.

The Best AI Voice generator for creators

For years, the pursuit of crafting exceptional voiceovers has come with substantial costs. From hiring voice artists and renting recording studios to purchasing expensive recording equipment for home setups, significant investments have been made. Moreover, outsourcing the entire project to audio editors to mix and produce a polished voiceover has only added to the expenses. Let's not overlook the considerable time and effort devoted to this process. However, even with all these endeavors, there is no guarantee that the resulting audio file will meet your expectations. It's time to explore a more engaging and unique approach.

Imagine a world where you can create studio-quality voiceovers right from the cozy comfort of your own home. Well, that world is here! Introducing BotTalk AI voice generator - the game-changer. Say goodbye to the tedious manual process of generating voiceovers. With BotTalk AI, you can effortlessly produce human-like voiceovers without the need for any fancy equipment or pro skills. The future of voiceover creation is at your fingertips!

Experience the power of advanced AI algorithms and deep learning with our state-of-the-art online voice generator tool! With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly transform your written content into incredibly realistic speech. Our voice maker goes beyond ordinary computer-generated voices and offers you lifelike synthetic voices that perfectly mimic human speech and sound. Say goodbye to monotonous and robotic voices, and say hello to BotTalk TTS voices - they are super realistic and truly flawless. Join us in revolutionizing the way we communicate!

Discover the singular AI Text to Speech software that fulfills all your needs.

Explore the versatile applications of BotTalk, the ideal solution for individuals and businesses seeking to elevate their audio content with cutting-edge technology and lifelike AI voices. Let's dive into some of its diverse uses:

Explainer Videos and eLearning

Discover the wonders of eLearning with BotTalk! Say goodbye to tedious text-based educational content and embrace the power of converting it into easily accessible audio formats. With BotTalk, you can share educational materials with students worldwide, breaking language barriers effortlessly. What's more, no need to worry about hiring voice actors or recording voiceovers manually - BotTalk has got you covered!

Additionally, BotTalk boasts an impressive array of voices to bring your explainer videos to life. Whether you're exploring the mysteries of the Solar system or indulging in a delightful DIY or craft project, BotTalk has the perfect voice to suit your needs. Get ready for an engaging and unique audio experience like never before!

Product Demo and Advertisement

BotTalk is your ultimate ally in crafting jaw-dropping advertisements and stunning product demos! With its wide range of versatile voice options and customizable speech styles, BotTalk takes the hassle out of ad creation and helps you produce videos that truly stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, with over 800 voice options at your disposal, BotTalk empowers businesses to find the perfect brand voice that forges incredible connections and builds unwavering trust with their audience. And let's not forget about the lightning-fast turnaround time, ensuring your product demo videos are delivered with flawless pronunciation, impeccable emphasis, and precisely timed pauses in multiple languages. Get ready to captivate and conquer with BotTalk!

Podcasts and Audiobooks

BotTalk empowers authors by streamlining the conversion of their scripts into captivating audio experiences. With an array of AI-generated voices in various languages, accents, and styles, BotTalk transforms audiobook narration into an immersive journey, allowing a wider audience to enjoy the magic of storytelling.

But there's more! Podcasters can depend on BotTalk to generate dynamic voiceovers for their podcasts, delivering exceptional audio content without the hassle of recording and editing their own voices. Embrace the professional-grade quality and convenience of BotTalk, taking your podcasts to new heights.

Spotify Ads

With the surge in audio advertising's popularity on platforms like Spotify, BotTalk emerges as a game-changer, empowering you to craft remarkable Spotify ad campaigns. Unleash the potential of BotTalk's impressive repertoire, including pitch, pronunciation, and emphasis, to captivate your audience effortlessly. The icing on the cake? You can seamlessly incorporate music and background scores into your ads, eliminating the hassle of third-party tools. Prepare for a unique and unforgettable ad-making experience with BotTalk!

Presentations and YouTube Videos

BotTalk is a game-changer for content creators on YouTube and professionals delivering presentations alike. YouTubers can elevate their scripts into mesmerizing voice overs that captivate viewers by choosing from a wide range of accents like British, Australian, or American, perfectly suited to their video's topic and content.

No matter if it's educational content, tutorial videos, or corporate presentations, BotTalk's top-notch voices will transform a dull presentation into a captivating masterpiece, leaving a lasting impact with its lifelike AI voices. Get ready to revolutionize your content creation journey with BotTalk!


If you're a business looking to enhance your customer service experience, look no further than BotTalk! With its exceptional IVR voice systems, BotTalk offers an ideal solution. Say goodbye to robotic voice prompts and greetings - BotTalk's TTS technology generates natural-sounding, personalized interactions. Not only that, but BotTalk's automated, multilingual functionality ensures crystal clear communication with your customers around the globe. Elevate your customer experience like never before with BotTalk!

What makes BotTalk the ideal choice?

What sets BotTalk apart from other AI text-to-speech tools is its exceptional ability to quickly generate high-quality outputs. Whether you're an enterprise, small-medium business, or a content creator, BotTalk empowers you to create realistic voiceovers with diverse ages, languages, and accents.

With an intuitive interface, sleek design, and cutting-edge features, BotTalk becomes your indispensable companion for crafting amazing voiceovers in minutes. Say goodbye to expensive solutions - BotTalk's natural-sounding text-to-speech technology is here to revolutionize the way you create voiceover narrations.

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