BotTalk at Augsburger Allgemeine

The problem

How can journalistic texts be provided in audio format in a high-quality and scalable way in order to meet user expectations?

More and more people are consuming information in audio form instead of reading. This change in user behavior is leading to increased demand for audio content. However, podcasts alone do not provide comprehensive coverage of what is on offer, as the daily dubbing of all content (including regional news, for example) is too time-consuming and cost-intensive.

The solution

An all-in-one platform for text-to-speech designed specifically for news publishers.

The BotTalk Web Player was integrated into the website of the Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung with a plugin code. The unique technology (e.g. linguistic rules, dictionary function) results in an audio quality that ensures higher engagement than generic TTS solutions (Google Wavenet, Amazon Polly, Readspeaker or Speechkit). The conversion from text to audio is automated and requires no additional effort within the editorial team. In addition, the player provides detailed statistics on user behavior (views, clicks, listen-through rate, most popular articles, etc.).

BotTalk weekly text-to-speech reports
BotTalk dictionaries ensure the best text-to-speech quality

In customer's voice

Why did you choose BotTalk as Text-to-Speech provider?

  • A seamless integration into the publisher's CMS (Plug&Play).
  • BotTalk delivers the best audio quality in German for the use case "news text".
  • Due to the focus on publishing and its monetization strategies, the integration of the paywall or the implementation of audio advertising is possible with one click in the interface.

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To learn more insights from the Text-to-Speech project of Augsburger Allgemeine with BotTalk, please refer to the full case study report.

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